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Currently version 1.21

Welcome to the winsender project homepage. © 2018 Tim Dickson

page last updated 2nd January 2018

This is a GPL project written in VB. It enables you to connect to any tcpip port on a machine and send it linefeed-terminated text. As such, for example, you could manually use it to check a pop3 mailbox (assuming you are familiar with the pop3 protocol). It also has a server module, so it can act as a tcpip server on a user specified port. This enables you to emulate a server which uses linefeed-terminated text manually if necessary.

The project was initially started because I had forgotten my email password, but my email client still had it. By emulating a pop3 email server, and pointing the email client at it instead of its regular mail server, I was able to retrieve my forgotten password.

This idea has all sorts of applications for testing mail clients and servers in general, but probably would be useful for other testing too.

New for version 1.21
Longstanding hex to ascsii bug fixed

New for version 1.20.
Information on the SMTP protocol has been added. Resizing of text boxes on window resize has also been done.
Bug spotted. If you switch hex mode on and off for multiline text, crlf get corrupted. - I hope to fix this one soon.
An about button has been added which shows version, some help and GPL licence info.

New for version 1.10.
Support for sending data in Hex format (ascii pairs). This enables you to send those none-printing characters for testing not-entirely-text based protocols.
Bug Feature Fix. You no longer need a carriage return in the send data box to actually send data. This moves away from the pure text protocols slightly, (you need to remember to include the carriage return before clicking send for those protocols expecting each command on a new line,) but it allows winsender to be more flexable in supporting other non-text-only uses.

New for version 1.02.
Information on the POP3 protocol. There is enough basic info to allow you to emulate a simple mail client or POP3 server.

Hex display of received data will be added in version 1.20
SMTP info is re-scheduled for version 1.30

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Extras just for fun

Two testing links for checking downloading tar.gz files.

a test archive and md5 sum for test archive.

Offline sdl2wiki documentation

sdl2 devpak for orwell devcpp gcc 32bit version and maybe codeblocks as well?. Please let me know how this works for you. Extract to an empty folder and open FrontPage.html in your browser. enjoy :-)